The Issues.

Small business is the cornerstone of the American dream and I believe we should always find ways to invest and provide support to our small businesses. They represent the greatness of the American people, the drive, and ingenuity that can emerge from our everyday challenges and the dedication to be the best and fulfill your dreams no matter where you start in life. I grew up in a large middle-class, working-class family where my parents worked two jobs to keep her family safe and healthy.

As your Congresswoman, I will advocate for every family to have the opportunity to work hard and when needed, benefit from Federal incentives. I understand there is a balance because I make it a point to stay engaged with my local businesses. They have asked me when I get to Congress, please work for less government intervention and regulation so they can thrive.

I am a proponent for entrepreneurs who use incentive money and time to design develop and create innovative technologies, products, and inventions that will carry us into the future.


  • As a Councilwoman, Julie was an advocate of Programs like Community Development Block Grant, interest free loans, tax incentives, and of course deregulation. As your Congresswoman, she will continue to support programs that benefit the small business.
  • Julie became by word of mouth in the business world, the “go to person” for new businesses in her city.
  • Julie’s home of Attleboro is like most old mill towns, slow to revitalize. She worked directly with three of the first new businesses to the city and two of which did survive through COVID and are thriving today.
  • A true champion whose dedication to small businesses did not go unnoticed and she was twice endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) in the state of Massachusetts.

The backbone of America, the working class heroes.

As a person who comes from a large working class family and started working at age 14, Julie will advocate first and foremost for working families – the backbone of our district. Unfortunately, working families are the first people the big spenders in Congress always look to fund their programs with higher taxes, new fees, and higher prices.

We must also reduce the hundreds of unfunded federal mandates that take money away from our paychecks in the form of higher state and local taxes.  Our tax code should reward our families’ success through hard work, sound investing, and prudent spending with lower taxes, credits, and deductions.  Instead Washington politicians always seem to punish working families with larger co-pays for healthcare, increased tax rates, and unfunded mandates as we try to better our families by getting ahead.

As your Congresswoman, Julie will oppose programs that take our hard-earned money from our pockets to fund special interest giveaways, and she will work tirelessly to reduce unfunded mandates that take even more money from our communities.

Necessity is the mother of ingenuity, ingenuity is the mother of invention.

Our small businesses are the cornerstone of the American dream, and we should always find ways to invest and provide support to our small businesses.  Small businesses represent the greatness of the American people, the drive, and ingenuity that can come out of mere accident, desperation or motivation to overcome obstacles.

As your Congresswoman, Julie will support incentive programs like community development block grants, low interest loans, tax incentives, and lowering regulatory burdens to make it possible for all businesses to thrive in our region and create higher paying jobs.

Costs that spiral out of control.

Julie has firsthand experience in healthcare policy, serving as the Medical Chief Operating Officer of the largest taxpayer funded medical systems during her time in the Air Force.  Julie was a contributing author for a book about the resource allocation of healthcare dollars, Advancing Federal Sector Health Care, which explained that a critical element of controlling costs in a government model is the ability to effectively manage the use of all services.  She knows that Washington’s promise of “Medicare for All” would really mean “Good Healthcare for None.”

Instead of a disastrous single-payer system, Julie opts for a hybrid approach that expands the role of Medicare and Medicaid only to incorporate high risk/high cost populations and a safety net for those left uncovered, introduce more competition in both the private and public plans, manage care effectively, and demand more accountability throughout the system.  Competition will encourage innovation and entrepreneurship that will deliver better care at a lower cost.

As your Congresswoman, Julie will advocate for less government intrusion that stifles innovation and new technologies that will allow healthcare providers to spend less hours doing paperwork and more time caring for patients.  Additionally, Julie supports expanding the role of telemedicine when appropriate and with new guidelines for effective care.

Julie believes in a strong military, not only for protection, but as a deterrent.

Our military members deserve the best equipment, training, higher pay, and the understanding from all Americans that we acknowledge and respect their service. They put themselves in harm’s way and disrupt their family lives. For this, they deserve our full and complete support during times of military conflict, whether we agree with the action or not.  Our nation must be 100% behind our troops, and we must repeatedly thank them for their sacrifices.

As a career Air Force Veteran, Julie understands the hardships of military life. The most grave of these consequences is a military member who does not return or one that returns home with scars that will never heal both internally or externally. During any period of hostility whether in combat or support, few do not experience some lasting effects.

As our Congresswoman, Julie will use her background in military behavioral health, military medicine, as a TRICARE Regional Operations Officer, and as a recipient of both VA and the Uniformed Services Family Health Plan to ensure Veterans and their families get easier and more responsive access to the level of benefits and expert health services they are eligible for and deserve.

The energy that surrounds us is the key to our economic future.

We have a golden opportunity to take advantage of emerging technologies that will strengthen our energy independence.  Our focus should be on energy alternatives and ways to thoroughly develop modern hydro-power, solar, and wind technologies. Throughout our history, innovations in technology that drive our economic engine were always created by companies that competed in the free market, while the government lent a guiding hand to facilitate its overall development.

Since the end of World War II, our economy has been heavily dependent on petroleum from other countries.  We worked hard and changed that over the past few years.  Now we can take that same spirit and over time reduce our dependence on oil altogether, but market forces must drive that change.

Besides preserving some of the most beautiful shorelines and open space we have in America, new technologies and new ways of bringing power will require new skills and replacement jobs.  We need to encourage companies to reinvest our efforts right here in America and with American energy alternatives.

As our Congresswoman, Julie will take an “all of the above approach” to keep us energy Independent with an eye toward the continued development of cleaner and greener energy created and supported by our free markets.

These golden years should be the best ever for our seniors and they should be shielded from tax increases.

Julie understands that our seniors must be honored and protected. The challenges for today’s seniors are twofold: 1) the forever-increasing property taxes at the local level and 2) the rising cost of health care coupled with a Medicare system that is too slow and outdated to adjust to new assisted living systems.

As an Attleboro city councilor and an advocate for retired veterans, Julie strongly supported a Senior Tax Freeze to counteract a hefty property tax increase levied by the cost to build a new High School.

As your Congresswoman, Julie will propose a cap on senior citizen income taxes once they reach a certain age, regardless of their income level, in order to effectively plan their retirement with their families.  In addition, she will seek appropriate changes in our Medicare system to deliver effective and affordable care.

Educating our children is one of the most important responsibilities this nation will have.

Even though education is primarily a state function, federal interventions have both benefited and hindered public education in Massachusetts. While federal funding supports school districts in impoverished areas, it is based on a well-intended but faulty premise that poverty and lack of funding is the sole determinant of student success.  In many instances, when a school district fails at their job, they receive more money from federal programs, but there are insufficient accountability measures that go along with that increased funding. Julie believes that needs to end in order to improve failing schools.

Julie has always been a champion of Community College and Vocational and Technical Education Schools and Programs.  She believes increased emphasis on Vocational, Technical and Education Programs are the key to infusing our economy with the skillsets needed to sustain and grow our future.  She believes the students of the Commonwealth deserve job opportunities when they finish their certification and licensing.

The cost of higher education is also at a crisis point. Julie worked hard, saved, and graduated from Massasoit Community College – a much more affordable alternative to traditional 4 year colleges.  College tuition fees have skyrocketed throughout the nation, and many students are earning a bachelor’s degree with what is essentially at mortgage payment attached to it. Julie believes the Federal Student Loan Program needs to reformed to force colleges and universities to reduce their tuition and fees by reducing student loan maximum amounts a returning much of the loan program to private banks.

As your Congresswoman, Julie will support federal reform efforts in Pre-K – 12 education that rewards successful districts with reduced regulations and addresses failing schools with effective accountability measures designed to improve results rapidly.  She will also support reform in the Federal Student Loan program that will result in the reduction of tuition and fees at our 4 year colleges and universities and technical schools.

Barriers are put in place to secure our borders and protect our lands. Laws and rules allow safe passage to and from our country and define the process of how foreign nationals legally work and study in our nation and what processes are necessary to earn American citizenship.

In her military career, Julie experienced first-hand the dangers not only to our border patrol agents fighting to keep dangerous drugs from coming to the United States, but to the unsuspecting victims of human traffickers.

The Immigration discussion revolves around people that enter the country or remain in the country illegally- against the laws of our land. There should be no taxpayer money expended on people that are in this country illegally.  But there are cities throughout the nation, including Massachusetts, who do not follow our immigration laws and declare Sanctuary City Status that make it impossible for local law enforcement to work with federal immigration officials. In addition, there should be no requirements where taxpayer money is spent on illegal immigration.  If immigration officials get around sanctuary status, we find ourselves having to pay to deport, detain and maintain returning criminals and drug traffickers who manage to find their way in and out to wreak more havoc on our communities and bring harm to our citizens.

 As our Congresswoman, Julie will support funding to protect our borders and ensure our border patrol has state of the art training and equipment to keep themselves and the United States secure.  In addition, Julie will support measures to halt all federal funding to Sanctuary Cities.

Once the border is 100% secure and Sanctuary Cities are abolished, Julie will work to update our naturalization laws to strengthen and streamline the process for foreign nationals wishing to work in the United States and eventually become American citizens.

The shot heard around the world.

Julie supports our constitution and all 10 Amendments known as the Bill of Rights, and she understands that our right to bear arms is essential to our liberty and security.

As our Congresswoman Julie will oppose any federal legislation making additional restrictions on law abiding citizens owning a firearm. She will also support legislation to significantly increase penalties and restrictions on individuals who commit crimes with illegal firearms.  We need to go after the law breakers, not the law abiders.