In Washington, too many elected officials support a government that serves itself, rejects our principles, and holds us back. During this extraordinary time, our leaders need to support what always has and always will get our nation back on track – Us.

Colonel Julie Hall is a veteran, patriot, and a proud mother who understands we are not concerned with parties or labels, but our shared dreams and values. In short, Julie Hall believes in us – the construction workers, innovators, entrepreneurs, business owners, cashiers, delivery folks, innovators, leaders, teachers, artists, designers, event planners, medical professionals, counselors, police officers, fire fighters, soldiers, sailors, and airmen. These are the people who make up the Massachusetts 4th Congressional District and make our state the envy of the nation.

A proven leader as a Colonel in the United States Air Force, Julie will bring the skills she developed and our values to Congress.  Just as she volunteered to serve our nation for over 30 years, Colonel Hall is prepared to serve us in the United States Congress.

One of seven children, Julie learned the importance of hard work and personal responsibility watching both her parents work long hours.  Never considering government assistance as an option, Julie’s father worked two jobs to provide for their family and her mother worked the 3rd shift, arriving home just in time to get the kids off to school.

In 1978, Colonel Hall enlisted in the Air Force at the lowest rank of Airman Basic. At a time when there were very few women serving in the armed forces, she rose through the ranks to become an officer. Julie’s hard work and a can do attitude made her stand out as a top performer.  During her promotion from Captain to Major, she was accelerated to her Major rank two years early – the only officer on her base to earn that distinction.  Colonel Hall is a decorated officer, receiving medals such as the Legion of Merit, Defense Meritorious Service Medals and the Air Force Commendation Medals, just to name a few. She was awarded the Pentagon Badge, the Headquarter Air Force Badge and twice held the position of Squadron Commander.

Among her responsibilities in the Air Force were serving as the Medical Chief Operating Officer for small clinics, large medical centers, and as the Senior Healthcare Executive of a multi-facility healthcare system in the Washington DC area. This gave her an expert understanding of our healthcare system, and it revealed to her why a single-payer health care system being proposed by Washington politicians would be a disaster for all of us. In 2001, Colonel Hall was a contributing author for a book detailing the resource allocation process for healthcare dollars. It explained that a critical element of controlling costs in a government sponsored model is the ability to effectively manage the use of all services.

After retiring from the Air Force, Julie served as a City Councilor in Attleboro, where she advocated for small businesses and stood up for Veterans. She is deeply involved with her community, especially the organizations and programs not well supported by federal, state or local funding.

In 2014, Colonel Hall was named Massachusetts’ Outstanding Woman Veteran of the Year for her support and advocacy for Veterans.  Continuing the opportunity to champion Veteran causes, she was appointed to the Governor’s Advisory Council on Veterans Services.  She was also a recipient of the Massachusetts Unsung Heroine Award for her active community involvement.

Despite many accomplishments in her career, like you, Julie is most proud of her family. Her son Michael and daughter-in-law Emily both served in the military and deployed overseas in defense of our nation. Julie’s brothers and sisters have always stood beside each other and supported each other no matter what direction life has guided them.

As our Congresswoman, Colonel Julie Hall will make sure America stays true to its founding principles and remains the absolute best country in the world for generations to come. Julie believes there are two types of people who serve in government – those that believe in the power of big government and those who believe in the power of Us.  Julie Hall Believes in Us.  Vote Julie Hall for Congress on November 3rd.

Julie Hall is a retired Air Force Colonel. Use of her military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Air Force or the Department of Defense.