ATTLEBORO, MA – Colonel (Retired) Julie Hall is the only woman Veteran running for Congress in Massachusetts. Julie is a highly decorated and successful military leader with 30 years of service to her country.  Her dedication and support for Veterans in the Commonwealth earned her the Deborah Sampson Award  given annually to the Massachusetts woman Veteran who has played an outstanding role in her community. She is a former planning board member and City Councilor-at-large in the City of Attleboro.

Julie’s greatest treasures are her son Michael, her daughter-in-law Emily, both Afghanistan Veterans, and her first grandchild, Dexter, who arrived at the end of September. She wants a future of prosperity and freedom for her grandson and for all our children so she will push back hard on every attempt towards the socialization of our way of life. She will fight to reclaim any rights and freedoms we let slip away during the pandemic.  Julie embraces America First policies that focus on regenerating healthy communities within our own country and she sees an immediate need to support the rebuilding of strong families. She will work to remove burdensome governmental over-regulation and instead legislate for tax cuts and financial incentives that will help our businesses get back on a glide path to success.

As a middle-class woman born and raised in the heart of the district, she is determined to speak for the consistently “unrepresented” concerns and interests of the blue collar and working families of District 4. She is committed to revitalization of our once strong economy and to immediately halting the flow of people entering this country illegally by restricting access at our borders. She will fight for law, order and the preservation of safe neighborhoods.  She believes safe-guarding the integrity of our voting rights and preserving our constitutional rights are essential for keeping American free.

“I am running to represent us! This has been a frustrating year! The pendulum is finally swinging back towards common-sense legislators with integrity who will take the people’s interests first! My name is Julie Hall, I would be honored to represent “Our Interests” in Congress”.